Friday, December 14, 2007

Blooming bromeliads and the carport jungle

This was originally posted on September 18, 2007

While sitting out in the carport jungle, I was constantly distracted by the gorgeous red blooms of my bromeliads that are now blooming in the carport jungle. They just started a few days ago. I had to get my camera and take some photos to share with you.
Here is a closeup of the gorgeous red spikey bromeliad flowers . . . they have to be one of my favorite blooms in the garden, so showy and dramatic. Everyone has them in the neighborhood . . . I think it is one of those things where the seeds blow around and everyone ends up with them in their garden.

These bromeliads are not actually growing in the ground, but are in containers that are spilling out of the container. They are growing in everyone's yard in my neighborhood and I've seen some that are growing up the trees and are so spectacular. Once I get this area cleaned out, I'll be training them up the tree.

Last week I posted photos of my back yard jungle, today it is the carport jungle. This isn't so bad . . . while it is a large area, it is not overwhelming and I have taken care of a big chunk of it already . . . still, there is a long way to go!! One of my favorite plants is the green and white speckled leafed plant that is called Florida Beauty. Past winters have knocked it back a bit, but I'm gonna try to take cuttings of this one and get a bunch going for a mass planting of this mixed with the showy red/purple leafed good luck plant for my carport flower bed. I'm still not sure what will be planted at the fence area, except for some crotons and red double hibiscus.

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