Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's Blooming in Paradise - November 4, 2007

Alive Again ~ Cher

Their beauty makes them look fake, like brightly crinkled paper perfectly formed. My cranberry hibiscus plants are loaded with buds and I just noticed the first blooms yesterday. They are a different species than the tropicals, these are more like a native plant, requiring less care, drought tolerant and propagating all by themselves. The flowers are a beautiful shade of purple/maroon with oddly shaped leaves and stems to match in a darker shade. I'm going to make a point of gathering seeds to get them started all over the yard for no-fuss beauty . . . the shrubs are pretty without the flowers with those beautiful green and purple leaves.

Every year these vines peak over the fence spilling over to my side . . . they are my neighbor's plants, but they frame the top of the fence in my carport jungle. Awesome little clustered flowers in wonderful splashes of red and white.

WOW the night blooming jasmine shrubs are totally loaded . . . they are in my back yard on the dark side, so the benefit I get is the awesome scent that perfumes the night air . . . there is nothing like sitting outside at night when they are in bloom . . . the large shrubs are beautiful when the little white flowers are open. I've never seen so many blooms . . . they must love neglect.

Seems like there isn't a time my pentas are not in bloom all over the yard. This is an area around my back storage shed where they are growing wild among the weeds. They act like native plants in my jungle, they love neglect and are propagating all by themselves. OMG most of that shot is the path, totally covered with weeds, fern and ground cover. I can't get to my storage shed at the moment.

This plumbago bush is way at the back of the jungle . . . I couldn't get a shot without the banana leaves in the way . . . the huge shrub is covered with sweet little powdery blue flowers that have no scent.

I've gotten back to working on clearing the paths so I can get around the different areas of the yard. Seems like I just stopped for a few weeks and the paths are covered again . . . the summer rain made everything grow like weeds. The philodendron and ferns are outrageous and aggressively growing.

Although spring is my favorite time of the year, I love the crispness in the air that the humidity leaves behind. The temperatures are very pleasant, probably low 80's, night time temps probably in the 60's . . . perfect temps for me. If only I had a spot to put the tent up and sleep outdoors . . . but being in the middle of the big city alone and the critters of a jungle . . . I don't think so . . . what a shame, everything is so out of control, even me at times. Sleeping in the back yard was one of our greatest joys . . . JR and I often slept under the stars around this time of year with the jasmine in bloom scenting the nighttime air like perfume and the outdoor fireplace going.

♥♥♥ Peace, love and happiness ♥♥♥

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