Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What's happening in Paradise - September 6, 2007

Originally posted on September 6, 2007

The gorgeous red hibiscus was the jewel in Paradise today. What is sad is that is the only plant of this type in the garden and the stink weed is choking it out. It used to be covered with flowers all the time and I was lucky to find one in bloom.

Since I just got the new release of Collective Soul's "Afterwords" this is what I've been listening to. It is an awesome recording and highly recommend it . . . if you love Collective Soul, you'll love it!! This song reminds me of me in my Paradise . . . I'm never alone . . . I always feel JR's presence and then there are all those critters that live out there. Hope you enjoy the music!

Look at Buddy . . . so tired from leaping

around the yard like a little deer.

He is a character . . . like a cartoon dog!

Ohhhhhhhh, it is scary similar to a Florida forest with remnants of most of you use as house plants, flowers and tropical plants. Buddy and I ventured through to the middle of the jungle so I could get some good photos . . . didn't see one snake . . . cool and encouraging cause next time won't be so scary!

For the benefit of my new friends, my garden has been virtually untouched for the past five years since my husband passed away and I had no interest in even going out there . . . a denial of acceptance thing I guess.

This is also documenting "before shots" as I have been slowly working on it by myself . . . a monumental task since it is a huge 2-city lot property with my small house built in the middle of it.

What you see as a mass of fern and groundcover should be the paths . . . the stickweed/potato vines are also taking over and choking out my tropicals . . . I really need to take care of the vines first. I'm kicking around some ideas on how to make money with all these plants, how to market it . . . all that fun stuff! Would be nice if my way to survive is back there in my Paradise!

The last time I posted photos, there was one flower bud on this patch of bromeliad that has spread and is growing wild . . . an awesome splash of red in the middle of a weedy spot that is supposed to be a clear and open area . . . the side entrance to the back side of the property that a vehicle can fit through . . . ha not now!

A closer view of the gorgeous red spikey flowers . . . they've been open for a while, so they are a little spent and not as brilliant as when they first open, yet still gorgeous.

These bromeliads have grown and multiplied like crazy . . . they are sitting on a table under the trees in a shady spot growing in containers . . . I'm sure they are growing way out of the pots. I won't be able to get to them anytime soon . . . they are way into the scary part of the jungle!

The pentas are growing wild and spreading like crazy . . . the flowers are red on these plants, but I also have hot pink in other areas.

They are growing all over the property . . . these have taken over the path. The butterflies love this plant and throughout the day, they are covered with them.

The four-o-clocks were just starting to open up . . . it wasn't quite 4:00 at the time I took the photos.

Hope you enjoyed the tour through my Jungle Paradise . . . I can't believe I was brave enough to venture to the middle of all that fern! I couldn't resist getting photos of the splashes of color I was seeing from my back room . . .

Once the resurrection goes into full swing, I'll do the before and after photos in a section on my gardening website. The progress will be a regular feature of my blog since everyone seems to enjoy seeing my garden and what's going on with it.


Anonymous said...

how do you control the stink weed? any sprays you can use without killing your plants? thanks!

Gina Alfani said...

Hello anonymous . . . I'm an organic gardener and do not use pesticides. Before it became the jungle that it is, I tamed the stink weed by pulling them out by the roots and kept on them constantly to keep it under control (I had the time).