Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's blooming tonight . . . August 2007

Originally posted on August 26, 2007

Fierce storms blew through my neighborhood in the early evening causing me to turn off the computer and catch up on my sleep.

As I turned on the outdoor lights to let Buddy do this running around outside, something bright caught my eye. I could not believe my eyes when I looked out there and saw my patches of mother in law tongue plants looking so gorgeous in full bloom . . . they seemed to glow in the dark.

I can't believe I did this, but I ventured out at midnight into the darkness through fallen limbs, overgrown vines taking over the garden and the paths to take this photo. It was worth getting this photo although all the while, I was hoping not to trip over baby opossums that are driving Buddy crazy at night . . . and me with his barking at them . . . hmmmm don't know where they are living, could be anywhere out there. Scary!

These storms are getting on my nerves even though it has been a rather mild summer as far as these fierce thunder and lightning storms go. As I ventured out to take the photo, it reminded me of the good old days when we loved sitting outdoors after a storm with the steamy air feeling fresher and the smell of rain in the air. It made me want those days again . . . I want my Paradise back to its full glory. It broke my heart to not be able to recognize an area because of all the stink weed vine that is choking out my large tropical plants that are leaning over in agony. I have got to quit putting it off for tomorrow . . . somebody kick my a$$ please!!

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