Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter in Florida

Last night's winter storm complete with 55 MPH winds, tornado warnings, lightening, thunder and tons of rain brought in the colder air again that had my heater kicking on and off all night long. Today was tolerable for me to be outdoors, in the 60's, but the nights are in the 40's . . . brrrr too cold for this Florida girl. But while the rest of the deep south has been experiencing snow, I just need to endure a night or two of the heater being on . . . I don't get out in that cold unless I absolutely have to.

The title photo was taken before our one night of a hard freeze a couple weeks ago. Gone are the pretty red flowers that were scattered all over my property, the hibiscus dropped their buds that night and left crispy plants behind.

Here are some photos I took of my corn plant that was also blooming earlier this month before the freeze . . .

It makes me so sad to look at these photos . . . I thought the plant would be protected under my carport, but nature wreaked havoc on the poor thing . . . my prized corn plant that I have had for over ten years. :(

I really hate the winter time and cold weather!

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