Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Screening with container plants

Container gardens can add a green privacy screen to a balcony or an open area.

A trellis gives vines a structure to grow on and stakes added to the bottom of the trellis help support it on the outside of the planting box. Trellises and stakes should be attached to the containers with galvanized bolts.

Water-sealed redwood and cedar are good choices for planter boxes. To help them last longer, line boxes with landscape fabric which has the added benefit of preventing soil from washing out the drainage holes. After the fabric is in place, add a mixture of half potting soil and half compost. Fill the box to within 10" from the rim.

Select a fast-growing evergreen vine to cover the trellis. Once you've selected a vine, remove it carefully from the nursery container, and place the back of the stake supporting the vine against the trellis. Cut away the plant ties from the support stake, and disentangle the vine. Tie each stem to the trellis, fanning out the stems as you go.

If you like, add other plants to your container for additional color and interest. Make sure the additions have growing requirements similar to those of the vine.

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greenjeans said...

Hey Lady! It's SandyB from way back when at SubTropical Gardening. :)

I was talking to the nursery guy at Ace yesterday and he told me he created a carport screen with a wood rose. It's a really pretty vine with big heart shaped leaves. He said the vine filled in and made a natural wall and it shielded the carport from rain. Such a COOL idea! See ya 'round! :)