Saturday, October 11, 2008

Collectors of Disney memorabilia

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I've just begun listing my collection of collectible Disney stuff.

There are hundreds of items in my collection that I am ready to let go of . . .
I've been collecting this stuff since Disney World first opened!


Anonymous said...

[Here's what I just ran into on the web. Is that all for real? Tommy]


This is Dave MacPherson. My claim to fame is that I waited in line for eight hours early on Monday, July 18, 1955 and bought the first ticket sold at Disneyland when it opened for the public. I won a lifetime pass good for me and three other persons for entrance to Disney parks worldwide - which consists of annual installments that arrive in January of each year.
According to Wikipedia and other sites, Roy Disney had reserved the first printed ticket for his family's memorabilia. Shortly before I paid one dollar for the first ticket sold, a woman with two tots who had been way back in the line squeezed past me and I thought she was trying to crowd ahead of me to be first in line. I soon calmed down when Walt's assistants told me that Walt wanted to pose with the two children named Christine and Michael who were hustled right by me without having to buy tickets. So I really was the very first Disney ticket buyer out of more than a billion persons who have bought tickets to various Disney parks!
Only in recent years have I learned that collectors will pay almost anything to obtain rare and unique Disney memorabilia.
I am happy to announce that I have the following unique Disneyland items I am offering to any interested collector who wants a safer investment than our current stock market:
(1) My past several red VIP passes. My name is stamped on them and my signature is on the 2006 pass.
(2) I am willing to sign an agreement to include all future passes as soon as I get them. They are not transferable but are one-of-a-kind since my name is on them.
(3) The original newspaper clippings from the Los Angeles and Long Beach papers that covered my being the first Disneyland ticket buyer.
(4) A Mickey Mouse blanket with my autograph on it.
I would want the buyer to meet with me at my bank in the small southern Utah town I live in, at which time I would transfer my collection for his cashier's check. I would also be willing to pose for photos, be interviewed, etc.
If interested in my unique collection, contact me at POBox 1226, Monticello, UT 84535. What would my collection be worth to you?

Disneyland's No. 1 fan, Dave MacPherson

Gina Alfani said...

hmmmm I would first research what he said to check his facts. Could be for real if he is willing to come up with photos, especially the ones from the newspaper. But . . . 1955 was a long time ago . . . however, the ticket would have a date on it?

Very interesting!! With the older vintage items, especially autographs, etc. are very difficult to authenticate.

Thanks for the cool story . . .