Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new home page

My home page is back!  Now you can keep up with all of my blogs, websites and places on the web in one place.  Click here to go to the blog, where you can follow via Blogger, Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, my new Facebook Fan Page or through RSS feed via your favorite reader or email.  You can also follow me on Twitter where all my blog posts are automatically tweeted.

For my Adgitize and Entrecard blogging friends . . . within the next couple of days, I will be setting up Adgitize and Entrecard . . . so you will have one more place to click!

My apologies for not being around as much . . . there are not enough hours in the day for everything I have been working on, but I should be back to "normal" soon.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Eric : Manila Blog said...

you seems so busy, Gina. take your time and have fun on what you're doing.

teecup said...

I agree with Eric. Don't feel obligated to deliver something new to your sites. We don't mind waiting and will keep visiting :)

momsrus said...

love your site! never been to florida, i'm a hawaii gal although i now live in north carolina so i hope to visit sometime soon. here it's similar to the island...nice blog girl!

krizza said...

Great site! Well taken care of :) I've never been to Florida but reading your posts made me feel that I've been there!

Visiting here for the first time.