Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens

Although we had every intention to make it to Busch Gardens for the opening of the new ride Cheetah Hunt, between Florida thunderstorms and life, we didn't make it until the other day.  We got there in the very late afternoon and it got too dark to continue taking photos, so there wasn't enough time to explore the new section to go with the ride.  

Hopefully we will return next week . . . 
but in the meantime, here is a peak at the new ride . . .

The landscaping at the base of this section
 of the ride is gorgeously tropical!

A photo from our last visit . . . the landscapers 
busily preparing the grounds for the opening
of the new Cheetah Hunt section.

What a difference a few weeks makes!

One of our favorite spots to chill out.
I love this water feature!