Sunday, October 1, 2017

FEMA Denies Our Claim

It has been a few days since we received the notice from FEMA that they have deemed our house habitable.  

How can you live in a house with a huge limb of an oak tree sitting on your house, sinking deeper every day from the weight and more rain pouring into the holes in the roof?  The back room is visibly crushed.  The truss is cracked.  You can see daylight from the holes in the kitchen ceiling. The air handler has busted pipes.  The Captain can't get into the laundry room . . . the door won't open.  What would happen if you force it open?  Will the ceiling crash in further?  What is damaged in that room?  It stores our laundry equipment, lawn equipment and power tools.

But FEMA thinks the house can be lived in and we have to appeal their decision in order to have any chance of getting help from them to rebuild.

The FEMA inspector who met with The Captain and checked out the damage was very encouraging and we really thought we would be rebuilding the damage soon.  Oh no, how silly of us to think that . . . things can't be that easy with the government red tape.  The appeal process could take up to 90 days.  Then the repairs can commence should we win the appeal. 

So, we shall remain homeless through the holidays and beyond.  What a nightmare!

Although this is a major setback and our future with the house my first husband and I bought in 1984, The Captain and I still have tons of faith that we will get through this and come out of it better than ever. 

Faith and the unknown can be a very scary thing . . . damn you Hurricane Irma!

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